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Countries: Brazil & Guatemala


Regions: Corredor & Huehuetenango


Growth Altitude: 3,900 - Up To 6,500 ft


Variety: Arabica - Mundo Novo, Icatu, Acaia, Catuai, Tupi, Typica, Bourbon, Caturra


Process: Natural, Washed, Sun-Dried


The Brazilian coffee serves as the classic base for espresso coffees, providing a wonderful rich soft-acidity, medium body, with nutty chocolate flavor and bit of sweet aroma and gives the espresso its heavy mouth-feel.


The Guatemalan coffee allows waking up the palate and add a very rich aroma, chocolate, caramel and orange flavor, full body, bright citric acidity, complexity and to keep it lively on the palate.

We love the way how our Espresso Home Blend allows the aroma and flavor to emerge with the combination of the tick viscous crema.


Roasting Types: Dark - Shiny black color with oily surface, significant amount of bitterness, origin flavor is gone and the flavor of the roasting process comes out the most and Medium-Dark - Rich, darker color with some oil on the surface. Bittersweet aftertaste. Flavor and aroma emerge and acidity disappears completely.


Yield: 12 oz bag of whole beans or ground coffee gives 62 cups of 9 oz approximately.


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